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Sustainability is more than a buzz word today – it has moved into the international spotlight and has become an integral part of corporate and organizational identity as both private and public sectors strive to become more sustainability-conscious and proactive to ensure the well-being of the Earth and its inhabitants into the future. The preservation of the Earth’s life-sustaining natural systems is articulated in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which also provide a framework of orientation for the University of Zurich and the Faculty of Law. has set itself the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2023, which is set out in the Sustainability Policy of the UZH. The Faculty of Law recognizes its position and responsibility to affect change in this regard, both on a macro level affecting decision makers in business, policies and regulation, and society on a national and global scale, and on a micro level within its own four walls.

Through its teaching and research on the subject, the Faculty of Law makes an important contribution to sustainable development in various fields. Members of the faculty regularly publish on topics relating to regulation and environmental sustainability within the legal sphere, as well as teach, give presentations, and hold public lectures for academics, practitioners, and other interested parties. Details on publications as well as further links to upcoming lectures and events can be found in the following chapters.

Furthermore, the Faculty of Law aims to become more sustainable in its own operations. In addition to UZH's mandatory reduction target, it also contributes to sustainable development by offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. Here you can find more information on how the faculty is reducing its carbon footprint in its operations.


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