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Faculty of Law

Sustainability in Operative Business

The Faculty of Law has determined to introduce offsetting of flight-related greenhouse gas emissions in addition to UZH's mandatory reduction target to further contribute to sustainable development. The sustainability model of the Faculty of Law can be found here.

Sustainability Model

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 Source: RMIT University Carbon Management Plan, Paia Consulting

On the one hand, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is to be achieved by faculty members avoiding air travel and instead attending conferences or events digitally whenever possible and where appropriate. Physical attendance at conferences is to be deliberate and bundled. On the other hand, instead of air travel, travel within Europe should be by rail where the timeframe is reasonable.

Where eliminating air travel is not possible, faculty members can use a tool to find more efficient flights with lower GHG emissions. In addition, the associated CO2 emissions are compensated for by the faculty through payments, which contributes to CO2 neutrality. For information for faculty members on operational implementation, see the intranet.

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