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Faculty of Law Center for Foundation Law

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Schriften zum Stiftungsrecht

The Center for Foundation Law publishes publications on foundation law on selected topics. The writings published to date can be found at

Der Schweizer Stiftungsreport

Der Schweizer Stiftungsreport is published annually with the latest facts, figures and trends on Swiss foundations. The report is published by SwissFoundations, the Center for Foundation Law at the University of Zurich and the Centre for Philanthropy Studies at the University of Basel.

Other publications

Other important publications published by the Center for Foundation Law or in which the center contributes are the Stiftungsrechtshandbuch, the AJP, the ZHR, the njus, the Münchener Handbuch des Gesellschaftsrechts and the Landesstiftungsrechtsbuch.

For all other publications by Dominique Jakob, please refer to the complete publication list of currently more than 140 publications (Publikationsliste).