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Faculty of Law Centre for Legal History Research

Dr. Colette R. Brunschwig

Dr. Brunschwig is responsible for the content management of the legal image database of the Legal Visualization Department.


Her research covers the visualization, audiovisualization, and multisensoryization of legal content.

In her dissertation "Visualization of Legal Norms - Legal Design" (2001), she first explored how it is possible to visualize modern legal norms. Today, law manifests itself not only as a visual phenomenon, but increasingly also as an audiovisual phenomenon. Therefore, she is expanding her research to include these sensory legal phenomena as well.

Her publications, postings, and presentations at national and international conferences strive to promote, deepen, and broaden the discussion of these phenomena.

Publications (PDF, 91 KB)

Presentations (PDF, 68 KB)

Conferences and Workshops (PDF, 63 KB)

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Professor-Walther-Hug-Preis ( in recognition of the dissertation "Visualisierung von Rechtsnormen, Legal Design", 2001.

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Dr. Colette R. Brunschwig
Research assistant

Rämistrasse 74/52
8001 Zürich


Room RAI E 163
Tel. +41 44 634 30 25