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Faculty of Law Lehrstuhl Fiocchi

History of International Law: Law and Empire


joint seminar with Prof. Dr. Charles Bartlett (University of Miami)

The seminar will reconstruct the interconnected relationships between law and empire, from the early modern period to the present, by focusing on several critical aspects of the creation and expansion of the empire. Among these aspects are colonialism, the relationships between imperialism and commercial practices, and the role international law plays. The aim of the seminar is to underline the global complexity of the bionomies law and empire and to begin to understand the historical contours of this complexity in different times and spaces.


II. Academic Requirements

Writing a paper and presenting it at the seminar is required. In addition, active participation in the discussions of other participants’ papers is expected. The oral performance will be factored into the final grade.


III. Place and Time

The seminar will take place at the University of Zurich. Room and dates (2 days) are to be determined.


IV. Proceeding of the Seminar

The seminar will be held in English. Each day consists of presentations of student papers and ensuing discussions. The organizers will open each seminar session and welcome the keynote speaker, who will introduce the day’s focus and participate in the discussion.


V. Admission

A maximum number of 20 students will be admitted. Students can be at the Bachelor’s or Master’s levels. Students from other faculties are also welcome.


VI. Master Thesis

Students have the option to write a Master’s thesis. The seminar expects to present the research results and potential future directions.


VII. Application and Registration

Please apply by this link


VIII. Paper Deadline

The final date to submit papers will be on the 10.06.2023