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Faculty of Law Chair Graber

Law irritates Art

«Art irritates Law, Law irritates Art»: A Virtual Exhibition

In cooperation with the Institute of Art History of the UZH

The project is a collaboration between the Chair of Prof. Dr. Christoph B. Graber and PD Dr. Roger Fayet (Institute of Art History at UZH and Director of the Swiss Institute for Art Research) overarching the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Concomitant to the course “Art Law and Culture” of Prof. Graber (MA), teams composed of students of law and of art history will work together on realising a virtual exhibition. Their task will consist in finding works of art raising questions that are relevant from both a legal and an art history perspective and that illustrate paradoxes arising from interactions between art and law. These works will be analysed by the student teams from the two perspecitves; the works and the respective analyses will be made available in a digital and permanent exhibition space. “Art irritates Law, Law irritates Art”, the central theme of the course, will thus receive a new meaning through the interdisciplinary collaboration between students at the University of Zurich.