Adrian Künzler

Adrian Künzler, Prof. Dr. iur.


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Adrian Kuenzler is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law, Zürich University, and an Affiliate Fellow at the Information Society Project, Yale Law School. His scholarship examines problems in antitrust, intellectual property and consumer law from an economic and comparative perspective and draws on insights from the behavioral sciences to document the law’s role in stimulating innovation and economic growth. He holds a Master's and a Ph.D. degree from Zürich University as well as an LL.M. and a J.S.D. degree from Yale Law School.

Adrian Kuenzler was a Visiting Professor at the University of Münster (2019) and at the Universidad de San Andrés, Buenos Aires (2018, 2019) and has held academic positions at the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods (2018), NYU's Engelberg Center on Innovation Law and Policy (2016-2017), Yale Law School's Information Society Project (2015-2016), Society in Science ETH Zürich (2011-2016), and the European University Institute (2010-2012). His most recent book Restoring Consumer Sovereignty - How Markets Manipulate Us and What the Law Can Do About It (Oxford University Press, 2017) describes the legal implications of the digital economy on individual decision-making so that legal policy can create environments in which consumers are both better informed, and find more meaning and satisfaction in what they buy.

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Competition Law in the Digital Economy (MLaw: MAWMF41, 6 ECTS)

Intellectual Property in the Digital Age (MLaw: MAWMF41, 6 ECTS)

Law and Economics (MLaw: MAWGU6, 6 ECTS)

Corporate Law (BLaw: 120P31, 12 ECTS)

BioMed Entrepreneurship and Innovation (BEP104)

Selected Publications


Restoring Consumer Sovereignty. How Markets Manipulate Us and What the Law Can Do About It, Oxford University Press 2017


Competition Law as a Catalyst for Collective Market Governance: Gauging the Discursive Benefits of Intensified Administrative Action, Yearbook of European Law 2022, 1

On (Some Aspects of) Social Privacy in the Social Media Space, International Data Privacy Law 2022, 63

Intellectual Property on the Cusp of the Intangible Economy, Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice 2021, 692

Direct Consumer Influence - The Missing Strategy to Integrate Data Privacy Preferences into the Market, Yearbook of European Law 2020, 423

Advancing Quality Competition in Big Data Markets, Journal of Competition Law and Economics 2019, 500

Competition Law Enforcement on Digital Markets - Lessons from Recent EU Case Law, Journal of Antitrust Enforcement 2019, 249


Environmental Law, in: Eyal Zamir/Doron Teichman (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Behavioral Economics and the Law, Oxford University Press 2014, 748 (with Prof. Douglas A. Kysar)

National Traditions of Competition Law. A Belated Europeanization through Convergence?, in: Kiran Klaus Patel/Heike Schweitzer (eds.), The Historical Foundations of EU Competition Law, Oxford University Press 2013, 89 (with Prof. Laurent Warlouzet)

Economic Content of Competition Law: The Point of Regulating Preferences, in: Daniel Zimmer (ed.), The Goals of Competition Law - Global Perspectives, Cheltenham/Northampton 2010, 61

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J.S.D., Yale Law School, 2015

LL.M., Yale Law School, 2011

Ph.D., University of Zürich, Faculty of Law, 2009

M.A., University of Zürich, Faculty of Law, 2004