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Faculty of Law Chair Loacker

Prof Dr Leander D Loacker, MPhil

Chair in Private and Business Law, Private International Law, International Civil Procedure and Comparative Law

Postal address:
Rämistr. 74/62, 8001 Zurich

Visitors' address:
Hauptgebäude RAI (Rämistr. 74), floor H

Office: H053-H059
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Telephone:  ++41 (44) 634'55'23
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 ++41 (44) 634 55 29

Fax: ++41 (44) 634'51'50

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Haftpflicht und Billigkeitskorrektiv
The new basic study on proportionality in tort law.
Further information can be found on the publisher's website.






Textsammlung Loacker




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On the applicability of the Lugano Convention afterBREXIT.



Student success

Our Vis Moot Court team also achieved great success in 2023. At the 20th Vis East Moot 2023 in Hong Kong, the team achieved 2nd place for the statement of claim and was awarded an Honourable Mention for the defence. Ann-Kathrin Fischer, Louise Schmidt and Alina Martalogu also received an Honourable Mention for their oral presentation.

At the 30th Vis Moot 2023 in Vienna, the team was awarded an Honourable Mention for both the statement of claim and the defence. Anaïs Frischknecht received an Honourable Mention for her oral presentation. Congratulations to the team.

versR online


Blog on liability and insurance law

The leading German portal for insurance, liability and claims law offers a VersR Online Blog in which renowned experts from academia and practice comment on current topics.

Prof Dr Loacker has been a member of the blog's permanent team of authors since it was founded and has just published the article "New regulation of Swiss insurance distribution law"

vvg digital


We have developed a new portal.

It's aims are:

  • To collect and digitise as much material as possible on insurance contract law since 1890 and make it available in one place.
  • To present all content in a clear graphical format and in chronological order.
  • To index all documents and make them simultaneously searchable in full text.

These goals have already been largely achieved with our recently launched v1. However, we are continuing to work consistently on optimising and perfecting our offering for legal practice.

Curious? Get an impression for yourself at

Free of charge, of course.




By decree of 3 December 2021, Prof. Dr Loacker was appointed Deputy Judge at the Princely Supreme Court in Liechtenstein for a term of office of five years (1 January 2022 to 31 December 2026).

The Princely Supreme Court is the final instance of ordinary jurisdiction in Liechtenstein.

Prof Loacker is a member of the first (civil) senate.



UZH Teaching Award

We are delighted to have been nominated for the final round of the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching.

With this award, the University of Zurich honours a lecturer - across all faculties - who has distinguished themselves in university teaching through special qualities.

Our sincere thanks go to the Zurich students who nominated us for this award!

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Mobile Learning

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