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Faculty of Law Chair Loacker

Prof Dr Leander D Loacker, MPhil

Chair in Private and Business Law, Private International Law, International Civil Procedure and Comparative Law

Postal address:
Rämistr. 74/62, 8001 Zurich

Visitors’ address:
Rämistr. 74, main building RWI/RAI, floor H

Office RAI H 057 (research assistants 1)
Office RAI H 055, 053 (research assistants 2)
Office RAI H 059 (Prof Loacker)

Location plan

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Telephone Office:

++41 (44) 634'55'29
Telephone assistants 1: ++41 (44) 634'55'23

Telephone assistants 2:

++41 (44) 634'55'27
Fax: ++41 (44) 634'51'50

Official website:

Personal website:
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