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Faculty of Law Chair Mahlmann

Spring semester 2015

Free Speech and the European Convention on Human Rights

Free speech is one of the most important fundamental rights. It is a central element of the protection of individual dignity and freedom. It is in addition part of the very foundations of democracy. In many ways it is an archetypal fundamental right that helped to shape the idea of legally protected fundamental rights in general.

The seminar reconstructs free speech rights in the European context with particular emphasis on the regime of the ECHR. In addition, further comparative perspectives are pursued to deepen the under-standing of the problems free speech poses to the understanding of fundamental rights. The seminar will be co-taught with Prof. Dr. András Sajó (link, opens in a new window), judge at the European Court of Human Rights.

Description (PDF, 16 KB)

The preparatory meeting will be held on October 28, 2014 at 17:00 in the room RAI-F-041.

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