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Faculty of Law Chair Mahlmann

Spring Semester 2014

Seminar: Recht und Neurowissenschaften/Law and Neuroscience

The seminar addresses a crucial topic of the contemporary reflection on the foundations of law: The impact of neuroscience on the law. Neuroscientific research, cognitive and brain sciences have prospered much in recent years and are widely regarded as crucial research areas of today’s science. They are expected to provide revolutionary insights in the makeup of the human mind, challenging and putting into question traditionally held beliefs. These debates have an increasing impact on the understanding of the law that is of central importance for the understanding of today’s legal culture.

The seminar will be co-taught with Prof. Dr. John Mikhail, Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, D.C.

Seminarankündigung (PDF, 21 KB)

The deadline for the submission of the seminar papers is 30. April 2014.

Due to the participation of Prof. Mikhail as a visiting professor the paper and the following presentation have to be in English.