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Faculty of Law Chair Tag

Main Functions and Memberships, as of December 2023

University of Zurich

Chairwoman of the Management Board of the University Competence Centre Medicine-Ethics-Law Helvetiae - 'MERH' University of Zurich (UZH)  
President of the commission for protection against sexual harassment and Investigating Person in suspicious cases of sexual harassment
Programme director of "PhD, Biomedical Ethics and Law" Law Track
President of the directorate for the continuing education course CAS MedLaw UZH 
Member of the university management commission Zürich Stehr-Bolds-Fonds
Member of the Center of Information, Society and Law (ITSL)
and Memberships in further Commissions and working groups

 Other Institutions

Member of the commission The National Advisory Commission on Biomedical Ethics (NEK-CNE)

Member of 'Leopoldina, Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften', part section 'Pathologie und Rechtsmedizin'
Single Member of Swiss Academy of Medcial Sciences
Member of the Foundation Board ofDementia Research Switzerland  
Synapsis Foundation  
Member of the Academy of Ethics and Medicine (AME)
Member of the election commission for military judges 
Co-Founder / Co-Director bei Center for Animal Law and Ethics (CALE)
Member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts in Salzburg
Member of Academia Europaea London
External Member of Aachener Kompetenzzentrum für Wissenschaftsgeschichte und -theorie (AKWG)
Adviser at the Institute for Medical Ethics, Basic Principles and Methods of Psychotherapy and Sanitary Culture (IEPG), Mannheim
Adviser of the Interdisciplinary centre "Medicine - Ethics - Law" of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg
Member of the Association of Swiss Jurists
Member of the Association of German Jurists
Advisory Board of the "Forschungszentrum für Deutsches Recht, Özyegin Üniversitesi, Istanbul", since 2012  
Co-editor of the series „Studies on Criminal Law“, Nomos Verlag, since 2006  
Co-editor of the series „New Writings on Criminal Law“, Nomos Verlag, since 2006  
Co-editor of the series „Health Care Law and Bio-ethics“, Helbing Lichtenhahn Verlag, since 2006  
Member of the Advisory Board of the "Hospital Tribune"  
Advisory Board of the Turkish Yearbook "Studies on Medical Ethics and Medical Law", Nomos Verlag, since 2008  

 Member of of the Matronagecommittee for the Girlscampagne "Because I am a Girl", Plan Schweiz