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Faculty of Law Dr. iur. Corina Heri


Research project: Climate Rights and Remedies

Together with Prof. Dr. Helen Keller, Corina Heri is working on a research project entitled 'Creeping Violations, Systemic Prevention or Monetarization? Effective Human Rights Protection and the Climate Catastrophe' (or, for short: Climate Rights and Remedies).

For the website of Prof. Keller's Chair, click here.

For the project homepage, click here: Climate Rights and Remedies Project

For the database and blog managed by the project, visit


For a list of Dr. Heri's publications, please click here: List_of_Publications_Heri (PDF, 155 KB) (updated 04.05.2024)

Monograph: Responsive Human Rights


Dr. Heri's monograph, Responsive Human Rights: Vulnerability, Ill-treatment and the ECtHR, was published by Hart Publishing in 2021.

An open access version of the book is available here