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Faculty of Law Dr. iur. Corina Heri


Research project: Climate Rights and Remedies

Together with Prof. Dr. Helen Keller, Corina Heri is working on a research project entitled 'Creeping Violations, Systemic Prevention or Monetarization? Effective Human Rights Protection and the Climate Catastrophe' (or, for short: Climate Rights and Remedies).

For the website of Prof. Keller's Chair, click here.

For the project homepage, click here: Climate Rights and Remedies Project

For the database and blog managed by the project, visit


For a list of Dr. Heri's publications, please click here: link (updated 1.11.2020)

Monograph: Responsive Human Rights


Dr. Heri's monograph, Responsive Human Rights: Vulnerability, Ill-treatment and the ECtHR, was published by Hart Publishing in 2021.

An open access version of the book is available here

New journal article: 'Something Ventured, Nothing Gained'

H. Keller, C. Heri and R. Piskóty, 'Something Ventured, Nothing Gained?—Remedies before the ECtHR and Their Potential for Climate Change Cases', Human Rights Law Review, 2022, available open access