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Faculty of Law

Visiting Professors Spring Semester 2018

Prof. Dr. Makoto Tadaki


Professor of Criminal Law and Procedure, Faculty of Law, Chuo University and Chuo Law School

Born in Aizu region, Fukushima Prefecture, in 1956. Completing undergraduate and gradu-ate study in the Faculty of Law and Graduate School of Law, Chuo University, respectively, he entered the doctoral course in the Graduate School of Law of Chuo University but left the course at maturation. He is awarded Doctor of Law (from Chuo University). After work-ing in a series as an instructor, assistant professor, and professor in the Faculty of Law of Dokkyo University, he has assumed the post of a professor in the Faculty of Law, Chuo University since 2002 and concurrently assumed the post of a professor in the Chuo Law School since 2004. From November 2008 to November 2014 he operated as head of the Institute of Comparative Law in Japan. Outside Chuo University, he is also a member of the Committee on Correction Policy of the Correction Bureau, the Tender Oversight Committee, and the Committee on Comprehensive Evaluation at the Ministry of Justice, an expert committee member of the Central Council for Education at the Ministry of Education, Cul-ture, Sports, Science and Technology, a member of Scoring Committee for New Bar Exami-nation, an associated member of the Science Council of Japan, and the head director of the Criminal Law Society of Japan.

His field of specialization is criminal law and procedure. Centering around theories on the interpretation of criminal law, he studies challenges in bioethics, penal policies, etc.

Research on Theories of Number of Crimes (Revised and enlarged edition) (2009, pub-lished by Seibundoh) and Contemporary Challenges in Study of Criminal Law and Proce-dure (2009, published by Chuo University Press) number among his major research works.

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