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Seminars Fall Semester 2024

Master's Theses

Master's thesis in MLaw Rechtswissenschaften

General information

The Master's thesis is a compulsory module. In order to write the Master's thesis, students must be enrolled in the Master's degree program (§ 39 para. RVO RWF). It can be completed within the framework of a seminar. It is also possible to make an individual agreement on a Master's thesis (PDF, 1 MB) with a faculty member, a professor emerita, a adjunct professor or a privatedozent. If the thesis is to be completed within the framework of a seminar, please note the seminar program. This is published in March or October for the following semester. The stated requirements must be observed.


The supervisor determines whether an inadequate Master's thesis can be improved.  
If the master's thesis is not passed, a new seminar enrolment or a new individual agreement on the master's thesis is necessary for the repetition.

Master thesis in MLaw International and Comparative Law

The information on the Master's thesis in the MLaw in Rechtswissenschaften also applies to the MLaw in International and Comparative Law.

In addition, it should be noted that the Master's thesis in the International and Comparative Law program must be written in English.

If the Master's thesis is written in the context of a seminar, this can also be a seminar that is generally conducted in German if the student has sufficient knowledge of German. In this case, the supervisor decides whether the student's knowledge of German is sufficient for participation in the seminar. Grade-relevant oral seminar contributions must nevertheless be made in English.

Request / Booking

The compulsory module Master's thesis is a request module if the thesis is written within the framework of a seminar. In this compulsory module, various events (=seminars) from numerous subject areas are offered.

The request for the Master's thesis within the framework of a seminar takes place after the publication of the seminar offer in the student portal. Note the specific deadlines


Achievements provided by Moot Courts and Model United Nations

Provided that the relevant requirements are met, achievements in moot courts and Model United Nations that comprise at least 12 ECTS credits are also recognised as a Master's thesis. Further information can be found in the course catalogue and on the websites of the chairs.

Further written assignments at all levels

For elective modules at Bachelor's and Master's level as well as for core elective modules at Master's level, additional written papers may be provided as assessment.

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