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General information on Consultation Hours

Please read the information and regulations on our website carefully before consulting the consultation hours. Your question may already have been answered in the FAQ on the 2021 Revision, the FAQ Student Advisory Services, the FAQ International Mobility or the FAQ Graduation.

Implementation of the Consultation Hours

Due to the current situation and the assessment of the transmission of the virus by the FOPH (https_//, there will be no personal consultation hours by the Student Center of the Faculty of Law from now on until further notice.

In order to ensure that students receive the best consultation possible, theStudent Center offers online consultation hours via Zoom as listed below. New office hours will apply in some cases. Please consult the lists below.

To reserve an online consultation hour, please use the tool "Booked". In order to get there, use the following link: link: You must register first. The Zoom link for the booked meeting will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder. If the email is not in your spam folder either, please use the contact form and get in touch with the Student Center as soon as possible.

Instructions for using this booking tool can be found here (PDF, 200 KB).

Cancellation of the Consultation Hours
During these times, you can reach us via the contact form.

The online consultation hour of 12.01.2022 and of 25.01.2022 are cancelled.

Consultation Hours

Monday 9-12h


MLaw Vanessa Brunner

Double Degree and Joint Degree

Monday 14-16h


Assistants (+41) 44 634 44 87

Tuesday 9-12h


lic. iur. Felix Züsli

Teaching Diploma E&L, Notary program, Minor Law, PhD

Wednesday 9-12h


lic. iur. Johanna van der Sluijs

Master of Law

Wednesday 9-12h


MLaw Letizia Lavizzari

Exchange Programs

Thursday 9-12h


lic. iur. Antonella Serra

Bachelor of Law, Study Reform 2021

Thursday 14-16h


Assistants (+41) 44 634 44 87

Service Desk

The Service Desk assists you with the following concerns:

- Degrees
- Confirmations
- Postponement of military service
- Transcripts

Opening Hours Service Desk

The Service Desk will remain closed until further notice.

Tuesday            13:30 - 15:30 h

Telephone Hours Service Desk

Telephone +41 44 634 22 33

Monday and Tuesday 13.30 - 15.30 h
Wednesday and Thursday 09.15 - 11.45 h