Apply for Graduation

Bachelor's and Master's students must apply for graduation in the “Study Progress & Graduation” app in the semester in which the degree programme is to be completed. The appication for graduation can be submitted as soon as the grades of the booked modules appear in the system.

Registration Deadline and Dates Fall Semester 2022

Registration for graduation


Registration deadline:

20 February 2023 (24:00h)

Diploma mailing Bachelor and Master

Diplomas are sent by certified mail to the address stored in the student portal.

9 March 2023
Graduation Ceremony for Master’s and Doctoral degrees 
Kongresshaus Zürich, 18:30 h
13 March 2023

Changes in the crediting of non-faculty modules to the degree.

When implementing the new degree process in the student portal, not all RWF regulations could be technically realized as intended.

  • In the case of non-faculty modules, it is therefore no longer the case for degrees from HS22 onwards that these are automatically taken into account in chronological order. Students who have not completed all the credits required for the degree with faculty modules can therefore choose which non-faculty modules are credited to their degree.
  • If not all the achievements required for the degree are completed with faculty modules and thus non-faculty modules are also considered for the degree, a faculty module may not be necessary to achieve the ECTS credit total required for the degree, so it is considered superfluous and will not be counted toward the degree.

Example: For the bachelor's degree, there are completed faculty modules with a total of 177 ECTS credits. This includes an elective module with a total of 3 ECTS credits. In addition, a non-faculty module with a total of 6 ECTS credits has been completed.
-> The crediting of the non-faculty module is required for the degree, but this makes the faculty elective module worth 3 ECTS credits superfluous because the creditable 180 ECTS credits required for the degree are achieved even without this module.
-> The faculty 3 ECTS module is not counted towards the degree.

Note: For faculty modules, the chronology still applies. In both the Bachelor's and Master's programs in Law, non-faculty study credits of up to 6 ECTS credits can be counted towards the degree if the ECTS credits required for the degree are not achieved through the eligible faculty modules.

Recognition and Acceptance of Academic Achievements at Other Universities

Requests for the transfer of credits must be made as soon as possible after receipt of the transcript of records from the host university. Requests for the transfer of credits from the current semester must be made to the Student Center no later than 10 February 2023. You can find more information about the transfer procedure under Credit Transfer.

Recognition and Acceptance of Language Courses

Language certificates will be transmitted to the Faculty of Law automatically at the end of each semester and shown in your transcript of records. You do not need to do anything else.

Registration for the Next Semester after Register to Graduate

Students in a Bachelor’s degree program enroll for the Master’s degree program. Please request a change of degree program/study program via "My Requests" in the student portal. In the event of not passing the Bachelor’s degree, students are automatically relegated to the Bachelor's degree program. The registration for graduation must be resubmitted in the following semester.

Students who are graduating and do not plan to continue studying at the University of Zurich must apply for withdrawal by March 15 or October 15 at the latest. Students who fail graduation must inform the Student Administration Office immediately to cancel the withdrawal, otherwise re-register to graduate in the following semester won't be possible.

Click on the website of the Student Administration Office of the University of Zurichfor more information on enrollment and semester fees.

Preliminary confirmation of degree

Would you like to apply to a court?

On the following dates, we will issue a preliminary degree confirmation to Master's students if no modules have been booked in the final semester and the Master's thesis is visible in the student portal:

15 March - 10 August

15 October - 10 January

To do so, use the graduation section in the contact form.