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Bans and definitive exclusion

Bans and definitive exclusion

If you have received a ban in the student portal, this means that you have definitely failed a compulsory module according to § 28 RVO RWF or have exceeded the maximum number of failed attempts allowed according to § 29 RVO RWF. The ban is automatically triggered in the student portal. Assessments that cause the ban are visible in the academic record. They are subject to appeal to the Faculty Council according to
§ 58 RVO RWF.

If you do not appeal and the appeal period has expired or once the legal process has been exhausted, a definitive exclusion will be issued. In this case, the ban becomes legally binding.

A degree program or study program ban means that no enrollment in the same degree program or study program can be made for the next semester. If you have appealed and as long as the grades are not legally binding, you may request to continue enrolling in the same study program or degree program.

If you have any questions, please contact the Legal Office of the Dean

You will find further information in the following overview (PDF, 231 KB)