Booking Modules

The required modules can be booked and canceled in the module booking tool. By booking a module, students register for an examination in the same semester. Modules may only be booked and canceled within the permitted period.

Deadlines Spring Semester 2022

Start of the module booking and cancellation period 20.01.2022 from 10:00 am
End of the module booking period 18.03.2022 up to 12:00 am
End of the cancellation period 01.04.2022 up to 12:00 am

Two-Semester Modules

Please note that you book two-semester modules in the semester in which you wish to take the examination. Students who book the module at the beginning of the first semester will be automatically registered for the examination at the end of the first semester and must sit the examination covering the content of both semesters.

Group Assignment for Courses

Where courses are held several times, with students being assigned according to the first letter of their surnames, make sure to attend the appropriate course. In exceptional cases, such as being in gainful employment, you may also change groups. If there is no group assignment, you are free to choose which course you attend. Irrespective of whether there is any group assignment or not, always book the module alone and not the course.

After Booking

Check your bookings. You are personally responsible for ensuring that your module bookings are complete and correct. Only your module bookings and cancellations in the module booking tool are binding. We strongly recommend that you print out your bookings and cancellations under the heading “Academic Achievements” and keep them in a safe place each semester. This printout can be used as evidence if there are any discrepancies.