Booking Modules

In principle, module booking is open to all students who habe a valid semester enrollment.
Without a module booking, credits cannot be earned and ECTS credits cannot be obtained. Module booking is carried out in the student portal. Module bookings and cancellations can only be made within the specified deadlines.

There are now three different module types: Booking modules, Request modules and Application modules. More information on this and on the module booking procedure can be found on the following website.

Booking Modules without Place Restrictions Fall Semester 22

Start module booking and cancellation deadline 17.08.2022, 10:00 a.m.
End of module booking deadline 11.10.2022, 24:00 hrs.
End of cancellation deadline 25.10.2022, 24:00 hrs.

Deadlines Request and Application modules Fall Semester 22

Submit and withdraw inquiries

17.08.2022, 10:00 a.m. to 30.08.2022, 24:00 hrs.

Latest place allocation 07.09.2022, 24:00 hrs.
Move-up deadline

03.09.2022, 12:00 hrs. to 15.09.2022, 24:00 hrs.

Cancellation deadline

03.09.2022, 12:00 hrs. to 18.09.2022, 24:00 hrs.

One-Semester Modules

Booking is done according to the general module booking information. 

Module booking includes both exam registration and selection of required courses, if selection is required.

Two-Semester compulsory Modules

Two-semester compulsory modules are listed several times in the course catalogue:
1. Modules for course booking: These can be recognized by the following labeling: module name, Part 1 and module name, Part 2
2. modules for exam registration (exam registration): These are only marked with the module name.
Thus, in addition to the actual compulsory module including module examination, the courses can now also be booked.

1. Modules for booking the courses
Booking these modules has the following advantages:
- The courses are displayed in the individual timetable in the student portal.
- The lecturers know the composition of the group and can inform the students specifically by e-mail (e.g., about last-minute changes).
Booking these modules is not a prerequisite for exam registration.
This is how to find the modules for course booking in the course catalogue:


For exercises and tutorials, the booking of the course is at the same time the group assignment (course = group). The capacity per group may be limited. Fully booked courses are not displayed for selection. The capacities are only maintained for tutorials and exercises. Plenary lectures, on the other hand, can be booked without restriction and regardless of the actual number of seats available in the lecture halls.


2. Modules for exam registration

In order to complete an assessment, it is mandatory to book the compulsory module with the category "examination" and the amount of ECTS credits. The booking takes place in the semester in which the examination is taken.

Booking of written papers

Information on booking written work (Master's theses) can be found on the website for written work.

Module Cancellation

Modules can be cancelled during the cancellation period in the "My Modules" app.

Subsequent cancellation requests can be made via the app "My requests" if compelling, unforeseeable and unavoidable reasons are asserted (§ 25 para. 2 RVO RWF).

After Booking

Check your bookings. You are personally responsible for ensuring that your module bookings are complete and correct. Only your module bookings and cancellations in the Student Portal are binding. We strongly recommend that you print out your bookings and cancellations in the "My Modules" app and keep them in a safe place each semester. This printout can be used as evidence if there are any discrepancies.