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Faculty of Law

Publication of the Doctoral Thesis and PhD Conferral

In order to be granted the title of Doctor the doctoral candidates need to publish and submit the required deposit copies of the doctoral thesis within two years of the approval.

Number of Deposit Copies

Deposit copies

Second supervisor


bibliothek Zürich

UB Law

Print dissertation 1 5 30
E-Dissertation (accessible online free of charge) 1


Declaration of consent and a PDF of the dissertation


The Zentralbibliothek Zürich must be given 5 deposit copies for a print dissertation and 3 deposit copies for an e-dissertation, a declaration of consent, and the dissertation in PDF format on a stick or via email for uploading to ZORA. In addition, 30 deposit copies must be submitted to the UB Law in the case of a print dissertation and 1 deposit copy in the case of an e-dissertation. Doctoral students are responsible for sending 1 deposit copy to the second supervisor.

The doctoral candidates are provided i.a. with a template for the title and inner page as well as with further information regarding the publication of the doctoral thesis after the dissertation has been approved by the Faculty Assembly and are required to obtain the print approval from the Study Dean's Office ( before publishing the dissertation.

The title and the text of the deposit copies must be identical with the title and the text in the PDF approved by the Faculty Assembly. Any subsequent amendments or additions have to be approved by the main supervisor and the approval forwarded to the Dean’s office.

The doctoral candidates have to be matriculated in the semester their doctoral degree is issued. Holding the title of Doctor before receiving the Confirmation of Doctoral Degree is prohibited.

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