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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Lehrstuhl Alexander

Ehemalige Doktorierende

Salome Kohler

Web Tracking and its Effects on Online Privacy
      PhD Dissertation, Zurich: DIKE Verlag, 2024

Samir Ainouz

Julia Khort

The European Union Benchmark Regulation and the Principle of Proportionality
       PhD Dissertation, Zurich: DIKE Verlag, 2021

Bruce Pollock

Alternative Investment Funds as Potential Catalysts in the Realization of Systemic Risk in Financial Markets In: International Perspectives on Commercial and Financial Law, PhD Dissertation, Zurich: DIKE Verlag, 2021

Verónica Pollaková

The Impact of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive’s (BRRD) Bail-in Tool on Covered Bonds, PhD Dissertation, Zurich: Schulthess Juristische Medien AG, 2018

Francesco De Pascalis

Credit Ratings and Market Over-reliance: An International Legal Analysis, Brill-Nijhoff, 2017,
       PhD from IALS University of London, supervised by Prof. Dr. Kern Alexander

Alexandra Balmer

Clearing OTC Derivatives: An analysis of the post-crisis policy reform on systemic risk, PhD Dissertation, Zurich: Schulthess Juristische Medien AG, 2017

Karin Lorez