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Faculty of Law Chair for Law & Finance

Former Doctoral Candidates

Samir Ainouz

The Regulation of Deposit Guarantee Schemes in Switzerland and the United States: A Tale of Two Systems, PhD Dissertation (accepted, publication forthcoming)

Julia Khort

The European Union Benchmark Regulation and the Principle of Proportionality, PhD Dissertation, (accepted, publication forthcoming)

Bruce Pollock

Alternative Investment Funds as Potential Catalysts in the Realization of Systemic Risk in Financial Markets, In: International Perspectives on Commercial and Financial Law, PhD Dissertation, Zurich: DIKE Verlag, 2021

Verónica Pollaková

The Impact of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive’s (BRRD) Bail-in Tool on Covered Bonds, PhD Dissertation, Zurich, Schulthess Juristische Medien AG, 2018

Francesco De Pascalis

Credit Ratings and Market Over-reliance: An International Legal Analysis, Brill-Nijhoff, 2017

PhD from IALS University of London, supervised by Prof. Dr. Kern Alexander

Alexandra Balmer

Clearing OTC Derivatives: An analysis of the post-crisis policy reform on systemic risk, PhD Dissertation, Zurich: Schulthess Juristische Medien AG, 2017

Karin Lorez