Prof. Dr. iur. Kern Alexander


Chair for Law & Finance

Raemistrasse 74/22, 8001 Zurich

Office RAI G 103 (Prof. Alexander)

RAI G 97/99 (Assistants) 


Tutorials:  Please call to arrange an appointment
Telephone Assistants: +41 (44) 634 30 47 oder 634 30 58
Telefax: +41 (44) 634 43 83


Seminar: Please be aware that we will be complying with federal and UZH regulations throughout these exceptional circumstances, and we are currently discussing necessary measures regarding the seminar taking place 4-5 May 2020. We are aware that the closing of libraries will cause restrictions upon research for your theses and dissertations, and according to current UZH regulations, we are lifting the deadline of 20 April until further notice when the libraries are reopened. Thus, you are not required to sumbit it by 20 April. However, if you need to receive your ECTS this semester, you may submit your thesis by 4 May (note: new deadline) for marking. It is likely that we will be deferring the submission date to the summer or autumn 2020. We regret to inform you that the seminar and the Doktorandenkolloquium itself will be deferred as well, likely to autumn 2020. We shall inform you with updates in due course.

Lectures: According to UZH regulations, all lectures will now be solely available through the podcast or via audio-recorded Powerpoint presentations. We will be complying with UZH regulations for exams. More information as to format and location (whether electronically, remotely, or in-hall, etc), as it becomes available, will be sent to students by the UZH directly, and updated on our website. Please be aware that the UZH will be offering students a cancellation period (likely the first two weeks in May) when they may cancel the course if they feel unable to complete the module requirements based upon the electronically provided podcast, slides, and readings, etc.

Essay: The International Finance Law course's assessment will include 4 take-home essay questions, and shall be sent as a PDF to all students to their UZH emails on Thu, 4 June 2020, at 9:00am (local Swiss time, UCT/GMT + 1:00 hour). Students will have 24 hours to complete the essays, and must return the answers to us electronically via email to by Fri, 5 June 2020, at 9:00am. No late essays will be accepted, so make sure that your internet connection is functioning.

Research Network for Sustainable Finance


The Research Network for Sustainable Finance will conduct academic and policy-based research on issues that relate to financial market regulation and environmental and social sustainability.   Related areas of research will include the governance of financial institutions and markets and their relevance to sustainability.   Research projects supported will be both disciplined based and interdisciplinary.  The network will also facilitate applications for academic research grants and for contracts to conduct policy-based research.  The network will be guided by a research advisory panel consisting of representatives from top research  universities and institutes.  The network will conduct outreach with practitioner bodies in the financial sector and with governmental and non-governmental bodies.