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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Transnational Insurance Law

Private Translations of the PRICL

Please note that the translations published on this website are non-authentic. The PRICL project group has not formally adopted them.

The PRICL in Japanese

Translated by Prof. Satoshi Nakaide and Prof. Souichirou Kozuka Download PRICL in Japanese (PDF, 246 KB)

The PRICL in Spanish

Translated by Prof. Dr. Juan Bataller Grau, Irene Córdoba-Mochales, Carlos A. Estebenet and Jorge Angell Download PRICL in Spanish (PDF, 67 KB)

The PRICL in Turkish

Translated by Prof. Dr. Samim Ünan and Dr. Ayşegül Buğra Download PRICL in Turkish (PDF, 148 KB)

The PRICL in Polish

Translated by Marta Ostrowska LLM Download PRICL in Polish (PDF, 223 KB)