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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Prof. Dr. iur. Alice Margaria


What is Family? Law and Regulation in a Transdisciplinary Context (Bristol University Press)

15 May 2024

Prof. Alice Margaria and Prof. Claire Fenton-Glynn (Monash University) are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of the book What is Family? Law and Regulation in a Transdisciplinary Context, with Bristol University Press. Scheduled for release in 2025, this volume will explore the question "what is family?" by drawing on a diverse range of disciplinary perspectives, including law, anthropology, psychology, Christian theology, economics, history, and sociology.


Symposium Grant: Men and Reproduction

15 March 2024

Prof. Margaria, Agnes Kandlbinder (doctoral researcher, URPP H2R) and Dr. Carole Ammann (ETH) have been awarded a Symposium grant from the Brocher Foundation. They will host an international workshop on "Bringing Men into the Spotlight: Men, Masculinities and Reproduction" on 14–16 May 2025. Confirmed international speakers include Prof. Marcia Inhorn (Yale), Prof. Rene Almeling (Yale), Prof. Lisa Campo-Engelstein (University of Texas), Prof. Abbie Goldberg (Clark University). A detailed program will follow soon.


23 January 2024

Prof. Margaria contributes a chapter titled "Trans(forming) Fatherhood? European Legal Approaches to ‘Seahorse Fatherhood’" (pp. 177 – 194) to the book Changing Families, Changing Family Law in Europe (Insertia). The book, co-edited by Konrad Duden and Denise Wiedemann, was published on 23 January 2024 and is available Open Access.






FLT at 40: The Family and the Constitution of Everyday Life

19 January 2024

Prof. Margaria co-convenes a landmark workshop commemorating the 40th anniversary of Feminist Legal Theory founded and led by Professor Martha Albertson Fineman. The event, scheduled for February 23 – 24 in Atlanta, delves into critical discussions on the family as an institution, reflecting on its evolving role in legal discourse and societal dynamics. See program.