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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Prof. Dr. iur. Alice Margaria


Trans Families between Law and Reality: A Survey on Birth Registration

The purpose of this survey is to better understand how trans parents are currently being registered on their children’s birth certificate, with specific focus on the UK. By giving voice to families with one or more trans parent, the survey traces existing registration practices, patterns and potential instances of discrimination. Additionally, it seeks to illuminate how the current birth registration system affects the private and family life of these families and the potential reproductive wishes and plans of trans people. As the first survey of its kind, TransReg sheds light on how non-conforming gender identities are dealt with by the legal system, aiming to contribute to efforts for positive social change. This project is carried out with support from Equality for Trans Families, founded by Freddy McConnell.

Research Team: Prof. Dr. Alice Margaria; Denise Venturi (Doctoral Researcher, KU Leuven)

*In this survey, 'trans' is used inclusively, to cover all transgender, transsexual and nonbinary identities.