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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Lehrstuhl Picht

Workshop & Lecture Series on the Law & Economics of Innovation

Herbstsemester 2023 (Master-Vorlesung)

Dozierende / University lecturers

Prof. Dr. Stefan Bechtold (ETH)
Prof. Dr. Hans Gersbach (ETH)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinemann (UZH)
Prof. Dr. Peter Georg Picht (UZH)
Prof. Dr. Alexander Stremitzer (ETH)
Prof. Dr. Elliott Ash (ETH)

Termine / Dates

Dienstag und Mittwoch / Tuesday and Wednesday

16:15–17:45 (unregelmässig, nicht jede Woche / irregularily, not every week)

Die aktuellen Termine finden sich auf der ETH-Vorlesungsseite. / The current dates can be found on the ETH course homepage.

Zur ETH-Vorlesungsseite / To the ETH course homepage

Räumlichkeiten / Locations

Tuesday: RAI-F-041 (UZH) <> Wednesday: IFW A 32.1 (ETHZ)

Course language


Registration (UZH students)

Given the limited number of allowed participants please be aware of the booking deadline (Oct 10, 2023) and register online using the usual UZH registration tool.

Course content

The Workshop & Lecture Series is a joint project of ETH Zurich (Professors Stefan Bechtold, Hans Gersbach, Alexander Stremitzer and Elliott Ash), University of Zurich (Prof. Andreas Heinemann and Prof. Peter Georg Picht) and University of St. Gallen. It provides an overview of current interdisciplinary research on technology policy. Legal, economics, and computer science scholars give a lecture and/or present their current research. All speakers are internationally well-known experts from Europe and the U.S.

Goals and citation style

The goal of this course is for students to understand and critically analyze scientific papers on technology policy from an interdisciplinary perspective.
The Chair reccomends OSCOLA as a citation style. However, the use of any other scholarly citation style, as long as it is used consistently, is allowed.

Mehr Informationen / more information

Generelle Informationen zur Vorlesung finden Sie auf der ETH-Kursseite. / General information about the lecture can be found on the ETH course homepage.

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