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Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät Lehrstuhl Thommen

Introduction to Swiss Law

Vorl.-Nr. 4286 Introduction to Swiss Law                          info


Swiss Constitutional Law The main features of Swiss constitutional law: Rule of law (fundamental and procedural rights), democracy (initiative, referendum), government (federal assembly, federal council, federal courts), federalism (federal government and cantons), international relations (European Convention on Human Rights, Switzerland and the European Union). 2. Swiss Administrative and Tax Law Overview of the Swiss tax system and introduction to the income and corporate tax on the federal and cantonal level. 3. Swiss Private Law Introduction to the /Swiss civil code of 10 December 1907 which covers the law of persons, family law, inheritance law and property law. 4. Civil Procedure Switzerland is an important venue for both international litigation and arbitration. As many foreigners have assets in Switzerland, enforcement plays an important role in the international context as well. The lecture addresses the following subjects: Swiss civil justice and court system; civil procedure and enforcement of money debts; international litigation (jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement); arbitration. 5. Swiss Contract/Company Law The course provides an introduction to the Swiss contract and company law, called «Obligationenrecht OR» (fifth part of the Swiss Private Law Code). The first part covers the general rules of the Swiss contract law and gives an overview about the different codified and non-codified contractual relationships. The second part is dedicated to an introduction to the different legal forms of Swiss companies. 6. Swiss Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure This introduction to Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law provides an essential understanding of the criminal justice system in Switzerland, with special emphasis on some contemporary issues. The lecture covers the applicable codes, the practice resources, and the agencies specific to criminal procedure.


Private LawCivil Law
Contract / Company Law
Public LawConstitutional Law
Administrative and Tax Law
Criminal and Civil ProcedureCivil Procedure and Insolvency Law
Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure