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Faculty of Law Chair Graber

Working Papers

i-call Working Papers are the result of research that takes place through the i-call (International Communications and Art Law Lucerne) research centre, which focuses on the fields of media law, intellectual property (IP) and art law, international trade law and legal sociology. Reflecting this, the working papers deal with the legal challenges of globalisation and a digital networked environment at the intersection of IP, cultural diversity, cultural heritage, human rights and international trade regulation, including issues relating to Indigenous peoples.

2010 - 2014

2014/01_Christoph B. Graber, Jessica C. Lai_Intellectual Property: Law in Context (PDF, 290 KB)

2012/04_Christoph B. Graber_Collective Rights Management, Competition Policy and Cultural Diversity: EU Lawmaking at a Crossroads (PDF, 332 KB)

2012/03_Jessica C. Lai_Māori Traditional Knowledge and the Wai 262 Report: A Coherent Way Forward? (PDF, 672 KB)

2012/02_Jessica C. Lai_Māori Traditional Knowledge and the Wai 262 Report: Looking at the Details (PDF, 629 KB)

2012/01_Christoph B. Graber_Stimulating Trade and Development of Indigenous Cultural Heritage by Means of International Law: Issues of Legitimacy and Method (PDF, 490 KB)

2011/03_Karolina Kuprecht_The Concept of “Cultural Affiliation” in NAGPRA: Potentials and Limits from an International Perspective (PDF, 524 KB)

2011/02_Jessica C. Lai_The Protection of Māori Cultural Heritage: Post‐ Endorsement of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (PDF, 571 KB)

2011/01_Christoph B. Graber, Jessica C. Lai_Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Fair Trade: Voluntary Certification Standards in the Light of WIPO and WTO Law and Policymaking (PDF, 425 KB)

2010/03_Christoph B. Graber_Internet Creativity, Communicative Freedom and a Constitutional Rights Theory Response to “Code is Law” (PDF, 404 KB)

2010/02_Jessica C. Lai_Māori Culture in the Modern World: Its Creation, Appropriation and Trade (PDF, 543 KB)

2010/01_Christoph B. Graber_Institutionalization of Creativity in Traditional Societies and in International Trade Law (PDF, 442 KB)