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Faculty of Law Chair Graber

Working Papers

from 2015

The papers listed cover a broad range of topics related to information, communication and art law. They are the result of research conducted in the main focus areas of the chair, including legal sociology and media law.

Given the sociolegal orientation of the chair and a very broad understanding of media law, a primary focus of research is on legal implications of current societal and technological developments - such as global networks and digitalisation. Do digital technologies have regulatory effects? How should the relationship between law and technology be conceived in the Internet age? From a legal perspective, these questions often arise at the intersection of Constitutional Freedoms, Intellectual Property, Trade Liberalisation, Cultural Diversity and Data Protection.

Assuming that today's legal challenges are best met by reconsidering the very foundations of legal thinking, i-call Working Papers are eager to demonstrate how sociolegal theory could be used to achieve this goal.

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