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Faculty of Law Chair Tag

Death and Dead Body

Since November 2008 exists the project "death and dead body" as a part of the program "main topics of humanities" sponsored by the VW foundation. The research project analyses in general or with the main example the clinical section, how the society deals with death and how it's approaches towards the death are changing. The project ensures it's interdisciplinary by using the different perspectives of philodophy, sociology, medical ethics, medical history and law for it's analyses.The basis of the project is the thought that hte cultural commerce with death and it's relevance for the society are changing. Besides new forms of grief an the occurence of a wide advising literature how to deal with grief there are also changes in the way people are intered (f.e. cremation, mumification). Therefore we have to ask the question if the society is returning to memento mori?

The project is conducted at the chair of Prof. Dr. Tag and spnsored by the VW foundation.
A part of this project contains the studies of the legal standarts for the clinical section. The main point of interest lies on the german, swiss and austrian law. While analysing the swiss and german law it became clear, that the legal standarts of both countries are mere fragmentary and heterogenous. Another part of the project deals with the question how regressive numbers of sections can be explained and which of the existing legal instruments could change the regression.

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Death and Dead Body

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