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Faculty of Law Lehrstuhl Thommen

Introduction to Swiss Law

Lecturer: Prof. Marc Thommen and others

Date and time: Fri 10:15-12:00

Format:  In-class lecture with  Podcast

Room: KOL-F-118

Exam: oral, online

Course language: English

Course material:  Marc Thommen (ed.), Introduction to Swiss Law, 2nd edition, 2022"

Roman Law Chapter: Adrian Häusler, Roman Law (PDF, 301 KB)

Details: Course catalog.

Master of Law/Double Degree Students

Please use the course cataloge  to book the module if you are a Master or Double Degree Student enrolled in the  Master of Law UZH International and Comparative Law (booking possible from 16. of August until 10. of October). See more information Study Program RWF UZH

See general information about module booking Module Booking and Information on Examinations


Mobility Students

Please use this link and the intern module booking for mobility students (Module booking period: 16.08.2023 - 10.10.2023). 


If there are any problems with the booking or you are not sure if the booking was successful please use the contact form.

Students are expected to prepare themselves before the lecture, to ensure that the lecture can be held as interactive as possible. The book "Introduction to Swiss Law” can be downloaded from sui generis.



The oral exam will take place online December , 2023.