The Double Degree Master's Programs

In fall 2009 the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich launched its Double Degree Master's Programs.

In collaboration with our partner faculties, these unique programs give participants the opportunity to take part in a stimulating academic exchange and to familiarize themselves with different systems of law in a culturally diversified community.

Furthermore, the Double Degree Master's Programs offer students the opportunity to expand and further their knowledge of the Swiss legal system, the legal system of the country of the relevant partner faculty and international law. Familiarity with foreign systems of law is an important focus of these programs.

Time spent abroad and good knowledge of legal terminology represent important competitive advantages in all areas of legal work.The Double Degree Master's Programs enables students to obtain two law degrees over a period of just two years.

If you are applying at the University of Zurich, you will find further information under Outgoings.

If you are enrolled at one of our partner faculties, you will find further information under Incomings

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