Module Booking and Information on Examinations

Choosing Modules

Do you want to know which modules (courses) you can attend at our Faculty? In principle, mobility students may enroll in all modules that our Faculty offers at Bachelor's and Master's level. There is one exception to this: Swiss mobility students at Bachelor's level may take modules from the Master of Law study programs only upon request.

Booking the chosen Modules through the Internal Module Booking Tool

The module booking is the examination registration.

Do you want to know how to book and cancel modules using the Faculty's internal module booking tool?

To register for an examination, you must book, or if required cancel, a module before the deadline set by the Student Center using the internal module booking tool.

Do not book any modules using the official (university's) module booking tool!

All bookings and cancellations of bookings must be made using the link provided by the Student Center (on the right-hand side of this website).

The booking tool is made available at the first or second day of the lecture period and is closed after two weeks. Please note the booking and cancellation deadlines below. Do not forget to book the modules for which you wish to sit the examination and cancel those modules you do not wish to take before this deadline expires.

Module booking and cancellation deadline
Spring Semester 2022 21.02.2022, 18:00h - 09.03.2022, 18:00h

Mobility Examinations

Mobility examinations are special examinations for exchange students only. It is up to the lecturers to decide whether they are willing to offer mobility examinations in addition to regular examinations.

Lecturers are not obligated to offer mobility examinations and/or re-examinations for mobility exams.

Lecturers can decide whether mobility examinations are to be offered for non-native mobility students only. 

Mobility examinations usually take place in the last two weeks or the lecture period and are mostly offered as oral examinations. Oral mobility examinations take at least 15 minutes. A protocol is kept during the examination.
For additional information on mobility examinations, please consult the Fact Sheet on Mobility Studies at the Faculty of Law

Offered Mobility Exams (PDF, 583 KB)

IMPORTANT: Mobility examinations cannot be transferred to a degree at the Faculty of Law UZH. If you would like to enroll in the Bachelor of Law or Master of Law study program, please note that mobility examinations will not be accredited to your degree.


Regular Examinations

Where no mobility examination is offered for a module, you will have to sit the regular module examinations. In this case the  regular fact sheet for module examinationsapplies.

Please find examinations from previous years on this website.

Grading Scale

The grading scale at the University of Zurich goes from 1 to 6 and is arranged by half-grades, with 1 representing the lowest grade. Satisfactory performance corresponds to at least a 4.

Grade Conversion
6 excellent
5.5 very good
5 good
4.5 right (satisfactory)
4 sufficient
3.5 und 3 insufficient
2.5 und 2 poor
1.5 und 1 very poor