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Faculty of Law

Exams Fall Semester 2023

Examination Period

The examinations will take place from January 19 to January 30, 2024.

Examination Forms and Dates

The following examination dates and forms are provisional.

The examination forms will be finalised no later than four weeks after the cancellation deadline.

Examination dates are subject to change until five weeks after the cancellation deadline. We therefore recommend that you keep the entire examination period free until five weeks after the cancellation deadline.


Written Exams within the regular Examination Period (03.01.2024 - 16.01.2024)






Steuerrecht I 03.01.2024   08:00-10:00              tbd  
International Organisations 03.01.2024   12:00-14:00              tbd
Kirchenrechtsgeschichte und Kirchenrecht 03.01.2024   13:00-15:00              tbd
Forensische Psychiatrie 03.01.2024   17:00-18:00              tbd
Zivilverfahrensrecht 04.01.2024   08:00-11:00              tbd
Principles of Corporate Law 04.01.2024   13:00-15:00              tbd  
Legal Theory 05.01.2024   13:00-15:00              tbd
Nebenstrafrecht 05.01.2024  


Verfassungsgeschichte der Neuzeit 05.01.2024   16:00-18:00              tbd 
Handels- und Wirtschaftsrecht II 08.01.2024   09:00-11:00              tbd
Current Issues in International Law 08.01.2024   09:00-11:00              tbd
International Sales Law (CISG) 08.01.2024   13:00-15:00              tbd
Criminology 08.01.2024   17:00-18:00              tbd
Notariatsrecht 09.01.2024   09:00-11:00              tbd
History of Business Law 09.01.2024   13:00-15:00              tbd
Migragtionsrecht 09.01.2024   13:00-15:00              tbd
Wiederholungs- und Vertiefungskurs Strafrecht/Strafverfahrensrecht 10.01.2024   08:00-10:00              tbd
Berufliche Vorsorge 10.01.2024   08:00-10:00              tbd
Soziales Mietrecht 10.01.2024   15:00-17:00              tbd
Wirtschaftsstrafrecht 11.01.2024   12:00-14:00              tbd
Umweltrecht 11.01.2024   15:00-17:00             tbd
Bankrecht 12.01.2024   08:00-10:00             tbd
Childrens`s Rights 12.01.2024   15:00-17:00            tbd
Recht und Religion 15.01.2024   09:00-11:00            tbd
Principles of Central Bank Law 15.01.2024   09:00-11:00            tbd
Kolloquium im Privatrecht 15.01.2024   13:00-15:00            tbd
Internationales Gesellschaftsrecht 15.01.2024   16:00-18:00            tbd
Comparative Private Law 15.01.2024   16:00-18:00            tbd
International Trade Regulation 16.01.2024   08:00-10:00            tbd

Rechtsphilosophie (MLaw)

16.01.2024   08:00-10:00            tbd
Rechtsbeziehungen Schweiz-EU 16.01.2024   11:00-13:00            tbd
Mehrwertsteuerrecht 16.01.2024   14:00-16:00            tbd
European Law of Insurance Markets 16.01.2024   14:00-16:00            tbd

Online exams with Inspera

Online examinations will be held again this semester. Further information can be found here.


Date   Time


compulsory simulation examination 21.12.2023   from 18:45             tbd
Jugendstrafrecht 08.01.2024   13:00-15:00              tbd  
Onlinekurs II: Introduction to Legal Data Science 09.01.2024   09:00-11:00              tbd
Kunst- und Kulturrecht 10.01.2024   12:00-14:00              tbd
Anwaltsrecht 11.01.2024   08:00-10:00              tbd
Sozialversicherungsrecht 12.01.2024   12:00-14:00              tbd

Written Exams outside the regular Examination Period

You will receive information about the examinations directly from the examiners.


No examinations are planned at present.       tbd

Oral Exams within the regular Examination Period (17.01.2024-30.01.2024)

Module   Date   Examiner
Ancient Legal History
  tbd   tbd
European Central Banking Law
  tbd   tbd
Comparative Constitutional Law   tbd   tbd
Interkantonales Steuerrecht   tbd   tbd
Internationales Steuerrecht II   tbd   tbd
Kapitalmarktrecht II   tbd   tbd
Kolloquium zum internationalen Zivilprozessrecht   tbd   tbd
Kriminaltechnik - Naturwissenschaftliche   tbd   tbd
Privatrechtsgeschichte   tbd   tbd
Responsible Business Conduct   tbd   tbd

Oral Exams outside the regular Examination Period

You will receive information about the examinations directly from the examiners.

Module       Examiner
Introduction to Swiss Law       tbd
Persönlichkeitsschutz       tbd
Unternehmenssteuerrecht II       tbd

Alternative assessment methods (e.g. presentations, written papers, solution of cases)

Module       Examiner
Castigo y política criminal contemporánea       tbd
Contract Design I       tbd
Datenschutzrecht       tbd
European Criminal Law       tbd
European Tax Law       tbd
Fallbearbeitung im Öffentlichen Recht       tbd
Finanzrecht       tbd
Föderalismus       tbd
Grundsteuern, Erbschafts- und Schenkungssteuern       tbd
Law and Economics       tbd
Law Clinic - Anwaltliche Praxis       tbd
Mergers and Acquisitions       tbd
Recent Case Law of International Courts       tbd
Regulation Without Law? Law and Technologies of the Twenty-First Century       tbd
The Art and Science of Negotiations       tbd
Übungen aus der Praxis der öffentichen Rechts       tbd
Workshop and Lecture Series on the Law and Economics of Innovation       tbd
Zürcher Ausspracheabende zur Rechtsgeschichte       tbd

Examination Results

The grades are published successively. 

From 22 February 2024 at the latest, you can see your grades in the booking tool/student portal. At this time you can download your exams from our website. In addition, we will then publish exam statistics, scales and sample solutions and the transcript of records is available.

Examination Serial Number

You will be assigned an Examination Serial Number for each semester, which is valid for all examinations.

It will be published here

Remember your examination number, it is used, among other things, to take the correct seat for written examinations and to allocate the time and room for oral examinations.


Details of the permitted aids will be published in due course.