Completion of the Doctorate (PVO 2009)

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Petition for Conferral of a Doctoral Degree

You must be enrolled for the duration of doctoral study. After successfully meeting all conditions stipulated in the ordinance on obtaining a doctoral degree (Promotionsverordnung), you can petition for conferral of a doctoral degree.

Please submit the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Summary of your academic career (max. 1 page)
  • Valid student ID
  • Proof of credits earned (transcript of records)
  • If required, proof that any open conditions have been met
  • Doctoral agreement
  • Application for the appointment of a second expert
  • Declaration on publication of the doctoral thesis

Please send your completed doctoral thesis as a PDF to

You must also submit your thesis to your main supervisor.

Approval of Doctoral Thesis

The Faculty Council names the second expert on recommendation of the doctoral candidate and the main supervisor; the second expert is named from within the ranks of the Faculty. In certain cases, the second expert may be from outside the Faculty. In such cases, the Faculty Council must name the grounds for this decision. If there are multiple supervisors, the additional supervisors must be taken into consideration when naming the second expert.

The application for the appointment of a second advisor or expert needs to be submitted as early as possible to the Faculty Council for its approval.

The Faculty Assembly is responsible for approving the doctoral thesis; the decision is made on the basis of the opinions of the main supervisor and the second expert.

It is not possible to re-submit a rejected doctoral thesis.

Outstanding doctoral theses are awarded one of the following designations:

  • summa cum laude (with highest honors)
  • magna cum laude (with high honors)