Kern Alexander

Kern Alexander, Prof. Dr.

Phone: +41 (44) 634 30 47 oder + 41 (44) 634 30 58



Seminar: We regret to inform you that the seminar and the Doktorandenkolloquium will be deferred to autumn 2020. We shall inform you with updates in due course.


Research Network for Sustainable Finance


The Research Network for Sustainable Finance will conduct academic and policy-based research on issues that relate to financial market regulation and environmental and social sustainability.   Related areas of research will include the governance of financial institutions and markets and their relevance to sustainability.   Research projects supported will be both disciplined based and interdisciplinary.  The network will also facilitate applications for academic research grants and for contracts to conduct policy-based research.  The network will be guided by a research advisory panel consisting of representatives from top research  universities and institutes.  The network will conduct outreach with practitioner bodies in the financial sector and with governmental and non-governmental bodies.