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Faculty of Law Chair for Law & Finance

SNSF Research Project

Central Banking and Financial Law: The Challenge of Sustainability and Digitalisation


This SNSF research project aims to identify the key legal and regulatory issues for central banks in addressing the challenges of sustainability, digitalization and financial sanctions. In doing so, the project will review the legal frameworks of selected jurisdictions, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and Switzerland, amongst others, to interpret and understand the legal mandates and institutional structures of central banks and their capacities to address emerging challenges to the global financial system. Based on the analysis, it will identify key principles and standards of good governance and operational effectiveness and the relationship to monetary policy and macroprudential policy. 

The project will explore relevant areas of law and regulation, including contract law, financial market law, public international law, and public administrative law governing central bank operations.

The project will have a partnership with the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements for research purposes and co-organize a series of lectures and seminars to disseminate research findings.

The project will also advise and formulate recommendations on the application of key legal and regulatory principles and to identify issues and offer practical policy advice on international good practices in domestic legislation.          


The project will be led by Professor Kern Alexander (the principal investigator) and a team post-doctoral research fellows, including Dr Julia Khort, and PhD students.