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Faculty of Law Chair for Law & Finance

Investor Sustainability Preferences: Empirical Insights and Regulatory Analysis

The research report analyses how institutional investors (e.g., pension funds, insurers), corporate clients (e.g., Swiss SMEs) and other asset owners view the transition towards a more sustainable economy,  especially in light of regulatory initiatives to support Switzerland's Blueprint 2030, and, based on that, draw a pathway that details what can be done to support asset owner preferences, particularly what UBS AM can do to contribute to realizing asset owner preferences.

The research project is conducted by Prof. Alexander and his team (UBS sponsored research project). For additional information about the research project, please visit the Research Network for Sustainable Finance UBS research project


UBS Impact Finance Lab, 4 November 2021

Prof. Kern Alexander gave the keynote lecture at the UBS Sustainable Finance Impact conference. He discussed recent developments in sustainable finance regulation in Europe and Switzerland and the preliminary results of his study analysing the preferences, attitudes and objectives of UBS customers towards sustainable finance and related legal developments in Switzerland.

Exclusive UBS Webinar on "Sustainable investing: Freestyle today and mandatory tomorrow?", 10 June 2021

The increasing pressure that pension funds are experiencing today could soon be underpinned by further regulations from the legislator. What can institutional investors and asset managers in Switzerland expect? A review by Salome Kohler. Watch it here Link