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Faculty of Law

Master's Program

The Master’s degree programs of the Faculty of Law continue, supplement, and deepen what was learned in the Bachelor’s degree program. The concentrations offered in the previous German-language Master's degree programs (Legal Practice, Business Law, Public Law) will not be continued. Spring Semester 2020 was the last semester in which students were able to begin study programs with a concentration. Graduation with a concentration is available for the last time in FS21.

Starting in the Fall Semester of 2021, the UZH Faculty of Law will offer the following Master’s degree programs:

Master of Law UZH (German)

Master of Law UZH International and Comparative Law (English)

Double Degree Master’s Programs

Joint Degree Master’s Program

The Master of Law UZH International and Comparative Law will be offered in English from the Fall Semester of 2021 onward. The module range will be available from the Fall Semester of 2020.

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