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Faculty of Law

Mobility Exams Fall Semester 23

Examination Period

The examinations will take place from January 17 to January 30, 2024.

Examination Forms and Dates

The examination forms will be finalised no later than four weeks after the cancellation deadline.

Examination dates are subject to change until five weeks after the cancellation deadline. We therefore recommend that you keep the entire examination period free until five weeks after the cancellation deadline.

Offer Mobility Exams

Exams are generally conducted orally and online. Please note that exceptions may occur.

 Module   Date   Examiner
Mobility Exam Comparative Private Law (MLaw)   tbd   tbd
Mobility Exam Criminology (MLaw)   tbd   tbd
Mobility Exam European Criminal Law (MLaw)   tbd   tbd
Mobility Exam International Organisations (MLaw)   tbd   tbd
Mobility Exam International Trade Regulation (MLaw)   tbd   tbd
Mobilitätsprüfung Kunst- und Kulturrecht (MLaw)   tbd   tbd
Mobility Exam Legal Theory (MLaw)   tbd   tbd
Mobilitätsprüfung Militärstrafrecht (BLaw)   tbd   tbd
Mobility Exam Principles of Corporate Law (MLaw)   tbd   tbd
Mobilitätsprüfung Rechtsphilosophie (MLaw)   tbd   tbd
Mobilitätsprüfung SchKG (MLaw)   tbd   tbd
Mobilitätsprüfung Sozialversicherungsrecht I (MLaw)   tbd   tbd
Mobilitätsprüfung Steuerrecht I (MLaw)   tbd   tbd
Mobilitätsprüfung Zivilverfahrensrecht (MLaw)   tbd   tbd

Examination Serial Number

You will be assigned an Examination Serial Number for each semester, which is valid for all examinations.

It will be published here

Remember your examination number, it is used, among other things, to take the correct seat for written examinations and to allocate the time and room for oral examinations.