Exam information

Mobility examinations are Examinations for which a different assessment is offered than for the regular examinations or which take place at a different time than the regular examinations or in which only part of a regular module is assessed. All other examinations are regular examinations. You can check in the module booking tool of the Student Center for which type of examination you are registered: module booking tool  (the abbreviation "Mob" in the course number means it is a mobility examination).

Illness/absence - exam deregistrations

If you cannot sit the mobility examination for any reason, you are obligated to inform the (Student Center) and the examiner immediately.

You have the possibility to request the annulment of the examination (PDF, 1 MB). If you do not hand in an annulment request after missing the examination, you will receive the grade 1 on your Transcript of Records.

If you want to arrange a new date for your examination or organize a re-examinations, please contact the examiner directly. Please note, that you have no entitlement for rescheduling the exams and, that the examiners are not obligated to offer you a re-examination.

Fact Sheet on Mobility Studies

For further information regarding mobility examinations and their procedure, please consult the Fact Sheet on Mobility Studies (PDF, 227 KB) at the Faculty of Law.

Questions regarding examination modalities

Please contact the examiners directly, if you have questions regarding the modalities of the mobility examinations.

Definitive examination dates and plans

At latest six weeks before the end of the courses, the definitive exam dates and plans are published on our website under the current semester.