The Double Degree Master's Programs

General Description

The Double Degree Master’s programs that are conducted jointly with partner faculties offer students the opportunity to extend and consolidate their knowledge of the Swiss legal system, the legal system of the country of the partner faculty and international law. Participants acquire two Master's degrees ("Master of Law UZH" as well as the corresponding academic degree of the partner faculty) after a standard study period of two years. 

If you apply to the University of Zurich, you will find further information under the following website:
Double Degree Outgoings

If you are enrolled at one of our partner faculties, you will find further information under the following website:
Double Degree Incomings

Admission Requirements

The Student Administration Office or Admissions Office are responsible for the admission to the University of Zurich. Information on admission can be found on the following website: 
Admission Master of Law

In addition, the program-specific admission requirements of the respective partner faculties apply. For further information, please check the flyers under "Partner Faculties".

Study Program

Students in the Double Degree Master's Program can choose between the following two study programs:

    MLaw UZH Rechtswissenschaft
    MLaw UZH International and Comparative Law

Within these study programs, students at the Faculty of Law UZH must complete the following modules totaling 60 ECTS credits

German-language Double Degree study program Rechtswissenschaft

Module ECTS Module Type
Common Subjects Core Elective Pool 6 Core Elective
Optional Elective Pool 42 Various
Master's Thesis 12 Compulsory

English-language Double Degree study program International and Comparative Law

Module ECTS Module Type
Introduction to Swiss Law* 6 Compulsory
Common Subjects Core Elective Module 6 Core Elective
Core Elective Modules International Law 18 Core Elective

Core Elective Modules Comparative Law

12 Core Elective
An other (English-language) module of the faculty according to choice 6 Elective/Core Elective
Master’s Thesis 12 Compulsory

*For students with a Bachelor of Law degree from a Swiss university the module Introduction to Swiss Law is considered fulfilled upon commencement of the study program. Instead, they complete another (English-language) module of the faculty according to choice in the amount of 6 ECTS credits.

Important: Credit for legal internships is not possible in Double Degree Master's programmes (No. 1 RLA).

ECTS Credits

The Double Degree Master’s Programs comprise 120 ECTS credits. Of these, 60 ECTS are completed at the Faculty of Law UZH.


At the Faculty of Law UZH, courses and examinations are held mainly in German or exclusively in English, whereas at the partner faculties in their respective language of instruction.