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Faculty of Law

Doctoral Program of the Faculty of Law

The doctoral program of the Faculty of Law generally takes three years and includes the composition of a doctoral thesis and modules totaling at least 30 ECTS credits.

The doctoral thesis should be in the form of a monograph and should make an independent contribution to current research.

The curriculum comprises two compulsory modules, along with additional modules that can be selected individually. In addition, a large selection of further education programs exist both inside and outside the university. An official assessment must be obtained for each module.

Students have the option of having work and ECTS credits completed before the beginning of the doctorate program recognized. The responsible Doctoral Committee will decide whether to grant recognition.


The curriculum is divided into:

  • compulsory modules totaling 12 ECTS credits
  • modules from the core elective pool totaling 18 ECTS credits

The PhD candidate will provide the Doctoral Committee with a suggested module selection at the beginning of the doctorate program. This suggestion will be discussed and the outcome documented in the doctoral agreement.

Compulsory Modules (12 ECTS credits)

UZH Faculty of Law colloquium 1 6 ECTS credits
UZH Faculty of Law colloquium 2 6 ECTS credits

Core Elective Pool (18 ECTS credits)

Attendance at conferences, presentation of academic lectures, composition of academic texts, etc ECTS credits to be agreed*
General offering of the Master programs of the University of Zurich or offering of equal value ECTS credits as per web course catalogue
Continuing module at doctoral level On request
General further education offering of the University of Zurich or further education offerings of equal value from other universities ECTS credits to be agreed*

* The Doctoral Committee will determine the requirements regarding the official assessments and number of ECTS credits awarded for successfully completed official assessments. They will be documented in the doctoral agreement.


The modules must be booked in the Module Booking Tool during the booking period. Booking includes registration for the official assessment. This excludes the doctoral colloquia, registration for which must be lodged with the relevant professorship.

Die Module sind während der Buchungsfrist im Modulbuchungstool zu buchen. Mit der Buchung erfolgt die Anmeldung zum Leistungsnachweis. Davon ausgenommen sind die Doktorandenkolloquien, wofür man sich direkt über den jeweiligen Lehrstuhl anmelden muss.

Modules available from web course catalogue


Modules available from the Center for University Teaching and Learning


Modules involving transferrable skills




Admission to the doctoral program is subject to the approval of the Admissions Committee and the admission requirements of the ordinance for obtaining a doctoral degree.


  1. Appointment of a head instructor (completion of the doctoral candidate confirmation)
  2. Selection of additional members of the Doctoral Committee together with the head instructor (application for appointment of the Doctoral Committee)
  3. Submission of application documents to the Admissions Committee (please note the application deadline)
  4. (possible personal interview )
  5. The Admissions Committee decides who is to be accepted into the doctoral program
  6. Enrolment or change of degree program at the Admissions Office

Application Documents:

  • Letter of application
  • Curriculum vitae with photograph
  • Copies of prior degrees and educational certificates
  • Doctoral candidate confirmation
  • Enrolment record as PhD student and/or proof that the prerequisites for enrolment have been met (Master of Law Degree or equivalent and faculty member as supervisor)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Synopsis, to be no more than five pages in length (will give some piece of information regarding your research project and ambitions, the questions, preliminary work and the current status quo of your appropriate and relevant literature and research). 

Application period

  • Fall semester: 1 April - 31 May
  • Spring semester: 1 September - 31 October

Recognition of externally conducted doctoral colloquia

All information on the recognition and crediting of externally completed doctoral colloquia, can be found here.

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How to Finance your Doctoral Thesis

Information about the financing of your doctoral thesis can be found on the homepage of UZH for Researchers.