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Faculty of Law

FAQ Exams

You can find them in two places:

  1. In section 2.2.2 of the Fact Sheet on Assessments (PDF, 303 KB).
  2. In the current semester of examinations, the permitted aids for the individual examinations are published. This document will be published on the RWF website in the corresponding semester and study program approximately one month before the exams.

2. Do I need to bring my own writing paper along?

You must bring a notepad or white A4 paper with a 5-cm border on the right-hand side. A template can be found here (PDF, 407 KB).

For Open Book exams, the paper will be provided by the faculty.

3. May I take my cell phone or other electronic devices switched off to my seat?

It is not permitted to take electronic aids (such as cell phones, calculators, etc.) to the seat, regardless of whether they are switched on or off.

4. I have lost my student identity card. Can I use my identity card or passport to identify myself during the exams?

In exceptional cases this is possible. However, please also have your examination number and student number ready.

Take care of a replacement immediately (here)!

5. Can I write my name in the lawbook?

Yes, you may write your name in the lawbook.

6. I have ink stains in my lawbook, do I have to buy a new one now?

A few tears or stains are not a problem.

7. What kind of dictionary can I bring to the exam?

Bilingual dictionaries (translation dictionaries) without notes are allowed (no electronic dictionaries). These may only contain translations, but no paraphrases of the content.

For Open Book exams, notes are allowed.

8. In the document "Permitted aids" official legal texts are permitted. In addition to the listed official legal texts, may I take other official legal texts with me that are not listed there?


Yes, you may print the same legal texts more than once.

... and what about the approved private law collections, am I allowed to bring them also several times?

Yes, these may also be brought multiple times.

9. Do I have to buy the latest versions of the laws or can I take an old edition at the exam?

Students are responsible for ensuring that the laws are up to date and for bringing the collection with them to the examination. However, you are not obliged to bring a new version to the examinations. Individually printed copies of provisions that have been amended are permitted if these supplement the text of laws that are not up to date.

The official electronic legal texts must be printed from the PDF format (no html format!). They must be printed in full. It is allowed to print the law texts double-sided and/or one or more pages per sheet. Extensive PDF documents can be punched and/or bound.

10b. Can I punch printet sheets and then tie them together with string, for example?


Individually printed copies of provisions that are not up to date must be brought along separately.

10c. Are there any specific requirements when I take individually printed copies of provisions that are not up to date to the exam?

The specifications are the same as for printing the legal texts (see question 10a.). However, they must not be bound.

To stick printed articles into legal texts is not allowed. You may put the revised provision in the place of the old provision.

11. "If writing in aids is permitted, then keywords, sentences, etc. are allowed in the aids that are brought to the examination." What do you mean by that?

You may write in any page without restriction (including book covers and spines).You may write whatever you want into it (including cooking recipes).

... may I also reduce the size of the law so that I have more writing space?

The writing area must not be expanded by:
1. reducing the size of the law (scaling).
2. printing on a paper size larger than A4.
3. writing on the reverse side (in case of one-sided printing).

... is it allowed to write in all the enactments brought along?


... may I also write in the PDF electronically (summaries, requirements, etc.) and then take it to the exam as a printout?

You may also write directly into the PDF with a suitable software and then bring it printed to the exam.

... may I also write in printed revised provisions?

No, because it is an extension of the writing surface.

It is allowed to print them one-sided, but it is not allowed to write on the back side.

12. "If markings are permitted, existing words or sentences may be indicated by highlighting or underlining them." What do you mean by that?

Existing words or sentences may be indicated by highlighting (in all colors) or underlining them (e.g., waves, zigzags, multiple underlining).

... can I squarely border, i.e. frame, individual marginalia in the law?

Limit yourself to underlining; this is located below the word. Markings with "light pen", on the other hand, are also allowed on the word.

... are underlining in different colors allowed?


... is it allowed to mark a word by highlighting and underlining it at the same time?


... and may I also mark articles and the number (e.g. Art. 1) with highlighter or underline?


13a. Are sticky notes and tabs of all types permitted?

Sticky notes and tabs of all types are only permitted in Open Book exams.

No, paper clips are not allowd in law texts.

However, this is permitted in Open Book examinations.

13c. May I turn corners (dog-ears) a law?

No, this is not allowed.

It is allowed for Open Book exams.