General Information

Withdrawal from Examinations - Spring Semester 2020

Withdrawal requests are exceptionally not required for exams of the spring semester (in contravention of § 28 (1) of the Framework Ordinance and section 5 of the Fact Sheet for Examination) based on the cancellation of failed attempts as decided by the Executive Board of the University, and therefore do not have to be submitted in the Student Portal. However, students who are prevented from attending an oral examination are required to inform the responsible department immediately after the reason for the prevention has arisen.

Dishonest Conduct

The cancellation of failed attempts of the spring semester decided by the Executive Board of the University does not apply to those that were generated in the course of dishonest conduct as outlined in § 36 of the Framework Ordinance and section 3.4 of the Fact Sheet for Examination.

Fact Sheet for Examinations

Carefully read the Fact Sheet for Examinations, which provides all the important information about the exams.
Fact Sheet for Examinations, RS 4.1.3 (PDF, 149 KB)

Exam download

The exams are available for download (see teaser top right) for one semester. Please ensure that you have downloaded your exams before starting the next examination period.

Exam room

The exams take place at the premises of the University and at the Messezentrum Zürich.

Messezentrum Zürich (PDF, 130 KB)

The detailed information on the exam rooms and corresponding allotted examination serial numbers can be found in the current examination period.

Note: In case of discrepancies please contact us immediately at Exams Management

The basic Information about the authorised legal texts and auxiliary materials can be found in Fact Sheet for Examinations, RS 4.1.3. (PDF, 149 KB)

Deviating and supplementary provisions, as well as the indication of the necessary legislative texts for each exam, are determined by the examiners for the corresponding examination period in the document "Legal Texts and Other Resources".

Master Legal Texts and Other Resources Spring Semester 20 (PDF, 800 KB)

Important Notice:

It is up to the students to inform themselves in advance which auxiliary means are admitted to the exams and to check the relevant auxiliary means for each exam carefully. The legal department is glad to assist students regarding questions and uncertainties. We wish to point out  that neither the person in charge of the lecture hall nor the invigilators will provide any binding information before the exam begins.