General Information

Fact Sheet for Examinations

Carefully read the Fact Sheet for Examinations and the Fact Sheet on Online Exams, which provides all the important information about the exams.
Fact Sheet for Examinations, RS 4.1.3 (PDF, 149 KB)

Fact Sheet on Online Exams (PDF, 388 KB)

Illness / absence - exam deregistrations

The deregistration from an oral or written exam is only possible for compelling, unpredictable and unavoidable circumstances. Immediately after the occurrence of such a compelling reason - but at the latest within five working days - a written deregistration request with supporting evidence must be lodged via the student portal using the "My
Requests" tile. The candidate of an oral exam must also deregister the exam with the respective chair.

Instructions on the deregistration procedure for examinations (PDF, 101 KB)

Student Portal

All Online Exams are Open Book and Open Internet exams.

The basic Information about the authorised legal texts and auxiliary materials can be found in Fact Sheet on Online Exams (PDF, 388 KB)

The examiners will indicate the necessary legal texts and aids. These will be published by May 20 at the latest.


Exam download

The exams are available for download (see teaser top right) for one semester. Please ensure that you have downloaded your exams before starting the next examination period.