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Faculty of Law

General Information

Fact Sheet on Assessments

Please read the Fact Sheet on Assessments (PDF, 303 KB) carefully. In it you will find important information about the examinations.

Permitted aids

The permitted aids are regulated anew for each individual written examination and in each semester. You will find them in the respective course of studies (Bachelor/Master) in the respective semester.

Illness / absence - exam deregistrations

The deregistration from an oral or written exam is only possible for compelling, unpredictable and unavoidable circumstances. At the latest within five working days after the assessment written deregistration a request with supporting evidence must be lodged via the student portal using the "My Requests" tile. In the case of oral examinations, the relevant chair must also be informed prior to the examination.

Instructions on the deregistration procedure for examinations (PDF, 105 KB)

Student Portal

Bans and definitive exclusion

Information on the appeals procedure can be found here.

Appeals Procedure

Information on the appeals procedure can be found here.

Measures to compensate for disadvantages

Information on measures to compensate for disadvantages can be found here.

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