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Faculty of Law

Written exams - the day of the examination


Please memorize your examination serial number and be present 30 minutes before the exam begins at the exam location. Shortly thereafter the admission begins. Please have your identification card ready for identification.

After the admission check at the Messe, you may not leave the examination area anymore. Toilets are available in the examination area.

At the premises of the UZH you are not allowed to leave the examination room until the exam begins.

Messe Eingang

The exam

Before you take your examination seat, bags and jackets are deposited in the marked area. At the Messe you can find your exam seat based on your examination serial number on the affixed seating orders.

Your student card should be placed on your desk. Furthermore you are only allowed to take along legal texts, writing utensils (no cases!), paper, valuables and food to your examination seat. Please note, that you have to bring your own paper. You will find a template on the teaser (top right).

It is forbidden to take along electronic devices of any kind, e.g. mobile phones, headphones or calculators, whether they are on or off, to your examination seat. In addition, there is a general watch prohibition. Clocks will be available in the rooms. If you take the wallet to your seat, it will be subject to inspection by the invigilators.

Shortly before the beginning of the exam you will receive important information from the person in charge of the lecture hall. Please follow his / her explanations carefully.

The task sheets may not be turned over before the exam begins.

If you want to hand in your exam before the official exam time is over, contact the invigilators. A premature submission of the exam is possible up to 15 minutes before the end of the exam. Thereafter, the auditorium may not be left .

At the Messe Zürich we ask you to quietly leave the gallery immediately. Toilets can be found on the lower floors.

Studierende während der Prüfung

Task solution

The facts and the questions are not to be copied. It is important to pay attention to a concise, precise and linguistically correct wording that contains everything essential. On the other hand, mere keywords are not enough. Pay attention to a clear presentation. Part of the reasoning is the exact specification of the applicable legal norms. The reasoning is as important as the result. Correct answers without justification are usually not graded.

The exams must be written in blue or black color (no pencil). The writing must be clean and clear. Deliberations that are not readable or only with special effort will not be considered.

Each task has to start on a new sheet. Only the front side of each sheet may be used for writing and the sheets must be completely separated from each other. On each side, a wide margin (about 5 cm) is to be kept free for correction remarks. Each page must be labeled at the top with the exam subject, examination sequence number and page number.

The name may not be noted on the exam and also the indication "repeater" is forbidden. Foreign-language candidates may make a note on the first page that they are not native German speakers.

All sheets that have been written on are to be placed turned over with the face down.

At the end of the exam, put the task and solution sheets with the cover sheet on top into the envelope. Please check carefully that you submit all solution sheets. The facts of the case may not be taken along.

If no solution sheets are submitted, this must be noted on the cover sheet with date and signature.

Thereafter, the invigilators collect the envelopes. The students will remain seated until the person in charge of the lecture hall gives permission to leave the room.

Exam cancelation

If an incapacitation occurs during the examination (illness or accident), the examination may be terminated. The following must be written on the cover sheet :"I stop the exam", and the sheets must be dated and signed. The incident will be logged by the the person in charge of the lecture hall.

After submission of the exam, any appeal to known or identifiable problems, which had or could have affected exam performance, is excluded.

Weiterführende Informationen

Exam paper template

Below you can find a template, which you can use as exam paper.