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Faculty of Law

Important Information and Tips

Enrollment & Withdrawal from the University

The enrollment will be done automatically. We ask you to check your enrollment during the enrollment period from 15 to 30 November in the Student Portal. In the Student Portal, you can also request a change of your study program or withdrawal from the University.

Student Portal

Booking Modules

Module booking means registering for an exam. If you only want to attend the lecture in a module and do not want to take an exam, you do not have to book the module.

Modules are booked via the student portal. Further information with regards to module booking, as well as the applicable deadlines can be found here.

Module bookings and cancellations can only be done within the applicable deadlines. 


Same/Similar Modules

Students are not allowed to take equivalent or similar modules at RWF UZH and at the partner faculty, or these cannot be counted twice towards the course credits. Whether two modules are equivalent or similar is determined by their content. If equivalent or similar modules have nevertheless been completed, these ECTS credits will not be counted towards the degree and the student must complete an additional module to achieve the missing ECTS credits, even if this is not possible until the following year. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that he/she does not take equivalent or similar modules. In case of doubt, the coordinators of the home or partner faculty can be contacted.

Failed Attempts

An unsuccessful performance is considered a fail.

The compulsory module Introduction to Swiss Law, which must be completed in the study program International and Comparative Law by students with a Bachelor of Law degree from a non-Swiss university, may be repeated twice. A third failed attempt will result in a final rejection.

For the other modules, a joint maximum of eight failed attempts applies. Until the maximum number of failed attempts is reached, the core elective and elective modules can be repeated, provided that the modules are offered again or substituted with other modules. When substituting modules, care must be taken to ensure that sufficient modules of the respective module group (core elective modules Fundamentals, core elective modules International Law and core elective modules Comparative Law) are completed. If further compulsory modules (in addition to the Master's thesis) are chosen in the study program Rechtswissenschaft, they can be repeated a maximum of two times, otherwise the repeatability is only limited by the maximum number of failed attempts. A final rejection takes place if there are more than eight failed attempts.

For further information, please refer to § 5 (study program Rechtswissenschaft) or § 7 (study program International and Comparative Law Program) of the Program Regulation for the Double Degree Master's Programs of the Faculty of Law of the University of Zurich and the Foreign Partner Faculties (StudO DD RWF).

Program regulation Double Degree

Master's Theses

For each master's thesis, the document "Master's thesis agreement" has to be filled out completely.

A master's thesis that is handed in late or not handed in at all will be graded with 1 and will appear in the Transcript of Records. However, failed attempts for master's theses are not taken into account when calculating the number of permitted failed attempts.

A postponement or cancellation of the deadline for Master's theses is only possible if compelling, unforeseeable and unavoidable reasons, in particular illness, can be proven.

Further information can be found in the Fact Sheet on Assessments of the Faculty of Law.
Master's Thesis Agreement
Fact Sheet on Assessments

Application for graduation

Students in the Double Degree Program must apply for their graduation in the semester in which they wish to complete their degree program as soon as all the grades of the booked modules (including the credit transfer) appear in the system.

All relevant information on the graduation process (including the application deadlines) can be found here.


Accomodation - Alumni House

The Alumni House offers 16 rooms (of which four are double rooms) for students from our partner universities who are enrolled in Double Degree Master's programs at the Faculty of Law at UZH.

Further information on the Alumni House and the application procedure for the rooms can be found on this website:
Alumni of the Faculty of Law

If you do not get a room in the Alumni House, additional helpful tips on searching for accomodation can be found on this website:

Visa - Residence Permit

Please find information on residence permits and guidelines for visa application on the website for international students of the University of Zurich:

International Students - Entry and Residence

Language Center of UZH and ETH Zurich

As a student in the Double Degree Program, you can take advantage of language courses offered by the Language Center of UZH and ETH Zurich. It is advisable to find out more about the courses at an early stage.

Language Center of UZH and ETH Zurich

Financial Matters

Under the following link, you can find an overview of living and studying expenses for students at the University of Zurich (guideline):

If you have questions about financing your studies (scholarships, loans), please contact the Student Financial Aid Office:
Student Financial Aid Office